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Shinrin Yoku in cities: Harmony between human habitat and Nature

A forest bath consists of visiting a forest and immerse yourself in it to increase your well-being and health. Forest bath is a popular practice in Japan and the Far East, where it is known as shinrin-yoku (森林 浴) in Japanese and Mandarin, and Sanlimyok (산림욕) in Korean. That green areas increase our mental and physical health is a scientifically proven fact and then it should be democratic. What happens to those who live their lives in large cities? We all deserve our daily dose of Shirin Yoku. City Vertical gardens can be the answer. They use vertical spaces to optimize space use to create inspiring and healthy spaces that clean the air and give you a sense of peace. Close your eyes, imagine a green garden, a space with clean air at your office, in your living room, your terrace, or by the train station… Go for it! Make your life greener!

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